Radiation Science and Technology (RBT) Master Program

Radiation Science and Technology (RBT) Master Program has started for training of qualified manpower on radiation science  for necessity of the country  on advanced industrial activities, nuclear reactors, nuclear medicine, evaluation of environmental  radioactivity, quality supply and quality control and the related activities.

The MSc. program for "Radiation Science and Technologies" in the Institute of Energy is applied for training of expert people as “Radiation Protection Advisers”, “Radaition Workers” and “Radiation Officers”. The proram was prepared to meet the requeriment of interdisciplinary education on radiation development at e graduate level, and to educate and enable engineers and scientists who comprehend environmental, nuclear safety and economic issues generate new solutions in the area of radiation technologies. 

Student Profile and Admission Requirements

The Radiation Science and Technology program is similar in its structure to other international institutions and is open to students in all areas. It is an interdisciplinary program for graduates especially in the areas of all Engineering fields, Physics,  Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics etc. and natural sciences.

Program Structure and Implementation

The Radiation Science and Technology Program consists of 4 core courses and 12 elective courses and includes group of lessons in the different areas of expertise according to its interdiciplinary structure and diversity in the student profile.