Energy Institute was established in 1961 with the name of Nuclear Energy Institute, it was renamed as Energy Institute in 2003, to form a center for advanced research covering the other areas of energy. The aim of our institute is to make and encourage research and development projects in the broad range of energy science and engineering in Turkey. It provides education, research and collaborative opportunities with partner organizations and individuals.

The institute includes 5 divisions:

  • Nuclear Researches Division, 
  • Renewable Energy Division, 
  • Conventional Energy Division, 
  • Energy planning and Management Division,
  • Energy Science and Technology Division.

Besides  "Energy Science and Technology" Master and PhD programs, “Radiation Science and Technology” was opened for Masters Degrees in order to develop in the field of nuclear and radiation technologies.

The institute has

  • 20 teaching fellows, 
  • 14 research assistants, 
  • 2 engineers, 
  • 7 technical staffs, 
  • 1 physicist, 
  • 13 administrative, 
  • 10 security staffs 

and more than 300 graduate students enrolled in Doctoral and Masters Research, of which 7 are supported by industrial projects. The Energy Institute teaching and research programs on graduate level has an interdisciplinary nature involving students and academic staff from the fields of Science, Engineering, Architecture. In this scope, the institute has strong research links with 34 teaching follows from different faculties in ITU.

Energy Institute has adopted to be in close relationship with industry since 2012. In this scope, the researches and researches collaborations continue with industry. In this scope, Sectoral Advisory Board was founded by the participation of the World’s and Turkey’s superior companies in energy. The industry sponsored laboratories was established and industry sponsored research assistant ship positions are provided for our students. The recent research and development activities are intensely focused on the technical problems of the industry. These developments have accelerated the growth of the Energy Institute. In order to make the industry- university collaboration stronger and permanent, Energy Technopark building was started to be built with the contribution of Rectorate of ITU and administration of ARI Technopark. The building which will include R&D companies in energy industry, is planned to be opened in 2014.   


Mission The Energy Institute is committed to conduct pioneering research, deliver high quality graduate level education and training in the field of energy for preparing academically well qualified engineers and scientists, and pursue a leading role in the energy arena.

Vision Its vision is to become a leading institute dedicated to world class education and research in the field of energy and related issues.




 Prof. Dr. İlhan KOCAARSLAN

Deputy Director

 Prof. Dr. Nilgün KARATEPE YAVUZ

Deputy Director

 Dr. Öğr. Üyesi M. Berker YURTSEVEN

Deputy Director  Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Senem ŞENTÜRK LÜLE



Head of Nuclear Researches Division Prof. Dr. Üner ÇOLAK

Head of Renewable Energy Division

Prof. Dr. İlhan KOCAARSLAN

Head of Energy Plan. and Man. Division

Prof. Dr. Sermin ONAYGİL 

Head of Energy Sci. and Tech. Division

Prof. Dr. Önder GÜLER 

Head of Conventional Energy Division


Last Update: 09.05.2018