Karbon Yapılı Malzemeler ve Uygulamaları Araştırma Grubu

Karbon Yapili Malz

Group Members

Nilgün Karatepe Yavuz,  Prof. Dr. (Head of the Group)          

B.Filiz Şenkal, Prof. Dr.

Fahrettin Yakuphanoğlu, Prof. Dr.

Reha Yavuz, Prof. Dr.

Yeşim Hepuzer Gürsel, Prof. Dr.

Nesrin Altınsoy, Prof. Dr.

Adem Tekin, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Osman Eksik, Res. Assist. Dr. 

Ebru Acuner,

Zeynep Dalkılıç, Phd. Student

Fatma Çolak, Phd. Student

Fereshteh Ordokhani, Msc. Student

Rüya Atlıbatur, Msc. Student

Main Research Interests

  • Carbon Nanotube Technologies and Applications (Li-ion batteries and photovoltaic applications)
  • Activated Carbon Technologies and Applications (Gas and liquid phase applications)
  • Carbon Footprints and its Applications
  • Hydrogen Terchnologies (Production, storage)


Objectives of CH-RG

As well as our country has backround on the  production and usage of carbon nano materials, there is still a significant lack of substructure. In this regard, production and development of carbon materials and usage in  hydrogen storage and other applications, solving the basic problems such as increasing qualified employee seems as the essential parameters of global competition in science and technology.

Carbon Based Materials and Hydrogen Research Group (CRG) aims to develop carbon based materials which can take place of existing technologies in hydrogen storage process and which can be used in different fields (sensors, data storage devices, flat panel displays, filter membranes, chips etc.).

Within this scope, CRG has carried out both theoretical and experimental researchs in the issues of production, characterization, modification according to application and hydrogen storage of carbon based materials such as carbon nanotube, activated carbon, templated carbon and composite (with polymers and inorganic materials) materials.


Last update: 26.03.2014