Coşkun FIRAT

Deputy Director

Istanbul Technical University
Energy Institute
Renewable Energy Division 
Nano Energy Research Group

Room no: 207
Tel:  +90 (212) 285 3882
Fax: +90 (212) 285 3884
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ResearcherID : A - 1009 - 2013 



  • PhD, I.T.U Energy Institute, 2008
  • MSc, I.T.U, Nuclear Energy Institute, 1991
  • BSc, I.U. Science Faculty, Astronomy and Space Sciences, 1987

Professional Experience 

  • 2018-, Dr. Lecturer 
  • 2013-2014, Visiting scientist, Queensland University of Technology, Science and Engineering Faculty, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
  • 2010-, Assist.Prof., Istanbul Technical University
  • 2009, Visiting scientist, San Diego State University, College of Engineering, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Center, SanDiego, CA, USA.
  • 2003-2010, Research Assistant, Istanbul Technical University, Energy Institute
  • 1993-2003, Research Assistant, Istanbul Technical University, Institute for Nuclear Energy


  • Engineering Mathematics, 2014 (Fall)-
  • Engineering Mathematics, 2010 (Spring, Fall) -2013 (Fall)
  • Solar Thermal Power Plants 2011 (Fall)

Academic and Administrative Activities (in chronological order)

       2018-,  Deputy Director
       2017-2018, Institute Admin Board - Assist. Prof. Representative
       2010-2013, Europe Union, 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013), Institute Coordinator

Academic Membership

Research Interests

  • Solar Thermal Systems
  • Statistical and quantum thermodynamics and nano scale applications
  • Application of Artificial Neural Networks and Decision Making Analysis  in energy problems

Referee for International Journals

         1- Energy     
         2- Physica A
         3- Physics Letters A
         4- Int. J. of Energy Apps. And Tech. (Editorial Board Member

Thesis Supervision (completed)

        1. "Design and Simulation of an Off-Grid Photovoltaics System On Campus Buildings", MSc 
             Thesis (in Turkish), Mustafa Ceylan, 2018.
        2. “A Feasibility of a Solar Water Heating System for a Sport Complex in a Campus”, MSc thesis 
             (in Turkish), Mustafa Erkan, 2017.
        3. “An Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant Feasibility Study”, MSc thesis (in Turkish),
             Ahmet Emin Senturk, 2013.
        4. "Carbon Dioxide Removal from Flue Gas by Microalgae Cultivation", MSc Thesis, Okan           
             Sayaner, 2013 (transferred  to Assoc.Prof.Dr.Adem Tekin in 2013).


  • Project title: Development of an advanced solar drying system
    Supported by: ARC – QUT Science and Engineering Faculty
    Dates: Jan 2013/Jan 2014
    Responsibility: Researcher
  • Project title: Geometrical structure of state space and quantum size effects on the thermodynamic and transport properties of gases 
    Supported by: TUBITAK, 105T086
    Budget: $38 000
    Dates: Nov 2005/Jun 2007
    Responsibility: Researcher
  • Project title: Theoretical and experimental characterization of mechanic and thermoelectric processes for  cryogenic power production 
    Supported by: ITU-BAP
    Budget: $27 000
    Dates: Sept 2008/Sept 2010
    Responsibility: Researcher
  • Project title: TRIGA Reactor Dynamics : Frequency response tests
    Supported by: ITU-BAP
    Dates: 1991
    Responsibility: Researcher 

 Published Reports

  • A.Şişman, B.Barutçu, Z.Fatih Öztürk, C. Fırat, P.Strehlow, The Effects of Quantum Surface Energy on the Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Gases and the Geometrical Structure of State Space, TUBITAK, June 2007

Papers Published in International Journals

  • A.Maraj, A.Londo, A.Gebremedhin, C.Firat, Energy performance analysis of a forced circulation solar water heating system equipped with a heat pipe evacuated tube collector under the Mediterranean climate conditions, Renewable Energy, V.140, September 2019, Pages 874-883. WOS:000466250700074.
  • ​​Keziban Çalık, Coşkun Fırat, "A Cost-Effective Theoretical Novel Configuration of Concentrated Photovoltaic System with Linear Fresnel Reflectors", Journal of Polytechnic, 2019, 223:3, 583-89.​
  • Maraj A, Londo A, Firat C, Gebremedhin A, "Comparison of the Energy Performance between Flat-plate and Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Collectors for Solar Water Heating Systems under Mediterranean Climate Conditions", J of Sust. Development of Energy, Water and Env. Systems, 2019, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp 87-100. WOS:000452057500007
  • Coskun Firat, Altug Sisman and Alhun Aydin, " Characterization of density oscillations in confined and degenerate Fermi gases", Modern Physics Letters B, November 2018, WOS:000451569500006.​
  • Keziban Çalık and Coşkun Fırat, “Optical Performance Investigation of a CLFR for the Purpose of Utilizing Solar Energy in Turkey”, Int. J. Of Energy Applications and Technology, 2016, Vol:3, No:2, p:21-26. 
  • Coskun Firat, "Thermodynamic properties of a photon gas confined in hypothetical arbitrary-shaped perfectly reflecting nano-scale geometries", Moscow University Physics Bulletin, 2016, Vol. 71, No. 1, pp. 70–74. WOS:000374394400006.
  • C.Firat, "Nanothermodynamics of a black-body photon gas",SGEM2015 Conference Proceedings/ ISSN 1314-2704, June 17-27, 2015, Vol. 1, 143 - 150 pp. WOS:000371601900020.
  • A. Maraj, A. Londo, C Firat, A. Dorri, M. Alcani, "Energy investigation of the flate plate solar collector during its daily operation in clear days of summer and winter", J. of Nat. and Tech. Sci., 19:1, 2014, p:121-133.
  • A.Maraj, A.Londo, C.Firat, R.Karapici, "Solar Radiation Models for the City of Tirana, Albania", Int. J of Ren. Energy Research, 2014, 4:2, p:413-420.
  • Coskun Firat and Altug Sisman, “Quantum forces of a gas confined in nano structures”, Phys. Scr., 2013, 87:4, 045008. WOS:000317333000008.
  • O.Sayaner, I.Gur, C.Firat, "Power Plant CO2 Mitigation in The Microalgae Ponds",SGEM2012 Conference Proceedings/ ISSN 1314-2704, June 17-23, 2012, Vol. 4, 379 - 386 pp, DOI: 10.5593/sgem2012/s17.v4019. WOS:000348535300050.
  • C.Firat, A.Beyene, “Comparison of direct and indirect PV power output using filters, lens, and fiber transport", Energy. 2012, 41:1, 271-77. WOS:000304076800032
  • C.Firat, A.Sisman, F.Ozturk. "Effects of Particle-Wall Interactions on the Thermodynamic Behavior of Gases at the Nano Scale", Int.J of Thermodynamics. 2011, 14:4, 155-161.

  • Z.F. Ozturk, A. Sisman, C. Firat, "Quantum Effects on Gas Diffusion at the Nano Scale", Int.J of Thermodynamics, 2011, 14:4, 163-166.

  • C.Firat, A.Sisman, ZF Ozturk “Thermodynamics of gases in nano cavities”, Energy, 35:2, Sp. Iss. SI, 2010, 814-819. WOS:000275166900037

  • C.Fırat, A.Şişman , “ Universality of quantum boundary layer for a Maxwellian gas” , Physica Scripta, 2009, 79:6, 065002(1-5). WOS:000266639500002

  • A.Sisman, Z.F.Ozturk, C.Firat, “Quantum boundary layer: a non-uniform density distribution of an ideal gas in thermodynamic equilibrium”, Phys. Lett. A, 2007, 362, pp.16-20. WOS:000244730200004

  • G.Kandemir, M.Geçkinli, C.Fırat, M.Yılmaz, B.Özgür, “Cosmic ray intensity variation during a CME”, Planetary and Space Science, 2002, 50 , pp 633-636. WOS:000178534600023

Papers Published in International Conferences

Full Papers

  • Maraj A., Londo A., Firat C., Gebremedhin A., Modeling and experimental validation of the long-term averaged solar radiation on a sloped south-east facing surface under the Mediterranean climate conditions, The 14th SDEWES Conference, 1-6 Oct., 2019, Dubrovnik, Crotia.(Incoming)
  • M.Ceylan, C.Firat, M.Saltayevich Yerzhanov, A.Yerzhanova, Design and Simulation of an Off-Grid Photovoltaics System for A Campus Building, 6th International Congress of Multidisciplinary Studies: MULTICONGRESS GAZIANTEP 2019, 26-27 April 2019, Gaziantep, Turkey. 
  • M.Erkan, C.Firat, A.Yerzhanova, How is 50% of the hot water consumption in a campus complex covered by solar energy?, V  International Scientific and Practical Conference  “GLOBAL  SCIENCE  AND  INNOVATIONS  2019:  CENTRAL ASIA”  (GSI  2019),  March 18, 2019, Astana, Kazakhstan. 
  • A.MARAJ, A.LONDO, A.GEBREMEDHIN, C.FIRAT, Energy Performance Analysis of a Forced Circulation Solar Water Heating System Equipped with Evacuated Solar Tube Collectors for the Mediterranean Climate Conditions,The 13th SDEWES Conference, Sept.30-Oct.4, 2018, Sicily, Palermo, Italy. 
  • A.Maraj, A.Londo, C.Firat and A.Gebremedhin, “Comparison of the energy performance between flat-plate and heat pipe evacuated tube collectors for DWHS in the Mediterranean climate conditions”, The 12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems – SDEWES, Dubrovnik, Crotia, 2017. 
  • Coşkun Fırat Keziban Çalık, “Optical Performance Investigation of a CLFR for The Purpose of Utilizing Solar Energy in Turkey”, 3th International Conference on Advanced Technology & Sciences (ICAT’16), Konya, Turkey, September 01-03. 
  • Coskun Firat, "Local Density Distribution Of A Fermi Gas Confined In Nano-Sized Domains", 16th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2016, 29 June-07 July 2016 Albena, Bulgaria.
  • Coskun Firat, "Nano Thermodynamics of a black-body photon gas", 15th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2015, 16-25 June 2015 Albena, Bulgaria.
  • Ahmet Emin Şentürk, Coskun Firat, "Study on Integrated Solar Combined Cycle  Power Plant for Turkey", Solar Energy for World Peace, 17-19 August 2013, Istanbul,Turkey.
  • Altug Sisman, Fatih Ozturk, Coskun Firat and Gulru Babac, “Thermodynamics Under Quantum Size Effects”, 12th Joint European Thermodynamics Conference, July 1-5, 2013, Brescia, Italy.
  • Maraj A., Londo A., Shtjefni A., Firat C., “Exergy Study of Solar Flat Plate Collectors During Daily Operation in the Summer Season”, 5th International Conference from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering (5th IC-SCCE), 4-7 July 2012, Athens, Greece.
  • Okan Sayaner, Ibrahim Gur, Coskun Firat, "Power Plant CO2 Mitigation in The Microalgae Ponds", 12th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2012, 17-23 June 2012 Albena, Bulgaria.
  • C. Fırat, A. Beyene, "Optically Filtered And Concentrated Solar Energy For PV Conversion",  ECOS 2010, 14-17 June 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • C. Fırat, A. Şişman , "Effects Of Particle-Wall Interactions On Thermodynamic Behaviors Of Gases In Nano Scale",  ECOS 2010, 14-17 June 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • A. Şişman , C. Firat and Z.F. Öztürk, “ Inhomogenous density distributions of ideal gases in nano structures ”, 10. Joint European Thermodynamics Conference , 22 -24 June , 2009, Kopenhagen , (Denmark).

  • A. Sisman, Z.F.Ozturk, C.Firat, “ Quantum size effects on gas diffusion in nano-scale: An isotop enrichment possibility for light elements”, 19th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena, 17-21 August, 2008, Rejkjavik, Iceland, p:131-137.

  • C. Firat, A. Sisman, Z.F. Ozturk, “Thermodynamics of gases in Nano Cavities”, 21st International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems, ECOS 2008, 24-27 June 2008, Kraków, Poland, p:129-136.

  • C.Firat, A.Sisman, “Quantum surface energy and lateral forces in ideal gases”, Joint European Thermodynamics Conference IX, 12-15 Jun 2007, Saint Etienne, France, p:68-74.

  • A.Şişman, F.Öztürk, C.Fırat, “Quantum Surface Tension In Ideal Gases”, World Year of Physics 2005-Turkish Physical Society, 23rd International Physics Congrees, Muğla, Turkey, 13-16 September 2005.

  • G. Kandemir, M.C. Güçlü, M. Geçkinli, C. Fırat, Ş. Boydağ, A. Özgüç, T. Yaşar, Variation of Cosmic Ray Intensity During the Solar Eclipse August 11, 1999, The Last Total Eclipse of the Millennium in Turkey, ASP Conference Series, Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15 August 1999, WOS:000089620900027.

  • C.Fırat, M.Geçkinli, “TRIGA Reactor Dynamics: Frequency Response Tests”, The Twelfth European TRIGA Users Conference, NRI, Bucuresti-Pitesti, Romania, 22-25 September, (1992),p:2/55-69.

Extended Abstracts

  • C. Fırat, A. Sisman, "Lateral forces in gases at nano scale",  Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies APCSEET 2011, 10-13 July 2011, Adelaide, Australia.

Papers Published in National Journals

  • Coşkun Fırat, Altuğ Şişman; Gazların Termodinamiğinde Kuantum Ölçek Etkileri ve Yanal Kuvvetler.  İTÜ Dergisi D Mühendislik, Ekim, 2009, Volume 8, Issue 5, p. 91-102. 

Papers Published in National Conferences

Full Papers

  • S.Hacıyakupoğlu, T.A.Ertek, N.Çelebi, G.Karahan, C.Fırat, A.E.Erginal, H.Kaya; Büyükçekmece Gölü Doğu Kıyılarındaki Dinamik Topraklarda Sezyum-137 (137Cs) Profili. Türkiye'nin Kıyı ve Deniz Alanları IV.National Conference, Dokuz Eylül University, İzmir, Proceedings Book C: 2 1283-1290, 5-8 Nov 2002.
  • C.Fırat, M.Geçkinli, “TRIGA Reaktör Dinamiği: Frekans cevap testleri”, V.National Nuclear Sciences Congress, DÜ, N.B.E. İzmir, 22-24 May 1991.

Book and/or Chapter(s)

  •  Editor Nil Yapici,  Engineering Sciences Proceeding Book, Volume 1, ISBN: 978-605-7602-50-3, pp: 31-45. Asos Publications, 1. Ed., June 2019.

  • Editor Meric Eraslan, Absract Book, ISBN: 978-605-7602-47-3, pp:102, June 2019.

  • G. Kandemir, M.C.Güçlü, M. Geçkinli, C. Firat, S.Boydag, A. Özgüç, T.Yasar, “Variation of Cosmic Ray Intensity during the Solar Eclipse August 11, 1999, ASP Conference Series, 2000, Vol. CS-205, “The Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium in Turkey”, Print ISBN: 1-58381-032-3, e-Book ISBN: 978-1-58381-541-0, pp 202-207. WOS:000089620900027

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